Thursday, November 9, 2017


LasVegas Now had done an awesome week long news segment on #OurPain.
 It is helping to bridge the gap of those that are living this horrific life with moderate to severe chronic pain and those who have no idea of what it’s like and what’s happening with new policies!

 If you’ve not seen any of these, please click on HERE and watch the videos! 
Then PLEASE share them on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, with your local TV stations and anywhere else you can! We have got to help get the word out! 

It is beyond phenomenal that they have done this reporting and it’s up to us to make this go viral before already horrid policies continue to become even worse!

PLEASE share these stories! Don’t leave it up to someone else!
It gives us hope! Too many have already taken their lives due to being removed off much needed medication to help our life in chronic pain!

Help by sharing the above link before any more, who already suffer from chronic pain, are left on their own without hope!

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