Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trial By Fire The Movie - A Charles Mattocks Film

In a previous post titled, If Only...,  I spoke of desires of the chronic pain sufferers soul. One of the "if only's" was for those suffering with chronic pain to have the opportunity to have their pain seen by those that aren't able to comprehend how it feels, how it impacts every moment of every day and every night, what it does to a person’s life, how it takes every aspect of what one use to be and leaves one’s life and soul shredded, all the while striving and searching to find some sort of relief from the unending, horrendous nightmare of the disease called chronic pain. Today I was informed of this desire to have others be able to understand a part of this pain through an awesome movie that will be aired on PBS! (See dates and time below)!

This is what I was tweeted by another pain sufferer that has passionately done all she could, among so many others, in so many ways, to help push this movement forward!
@KimWarden1465 @sherikay823  So excited @CMattocks1 film

airs on PBS
11/27 Sun 8pm
11/28 Mon 10 am
Trial By Fire Movie (click link to be directed to the website for more information)!


Another "If only" shared was for those who aren’t capable of comprehending what it is like to live with chronic pain to be able to have a glimpse of the struggle of those dealing with the losses and the grieving it causes. (Click the underlined words to be directed to an article about losses and grieving). If only others could see what it takes to endure this type of life and to find the strength it takes to rebuild one’s life as much as able, to integrate living with this horrid disease, leaving behind dreams and desires of a life now lost to horrendous chronic pain!

If only those people, who aren’t able to understand could possibly perceive the pain that is hidden beneath the surface, maybe then they would comprehend. Maybe then those suffering would not be ignored, glossed over, cut off and dismissed. Maybe then many would not feel so utterly isolated from those that they love and desire to be acknowledged from where they are. Not sympathy, no, that's not wanted. Just understanding of what it's like and where ones hearts is. An understanding without being judged for something ones body doesn't allow them to fight. We have fought though. Always will...but, this neurological pain disease fights back and leaves one gripping for what life one has left after being literally shredded to pieces and burned, but not allowed to die. We choose to keep living! That in itself is to be respected!

Click here to rent Trial By Fire on Vimeo

Thank you Charles Mattocks for all you have done to bring this documentary before the general 
public! Many of our "If Only's" may be understood! 
Read more about this movie that is starting a movement by clicking this link:

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