Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trial by Fire Documentary - A Charles Mattocks Production

I have decided to dedicate this page on my blog to Charles Mattocks and his work with the awesome documentary, Trial By Fire. I am extremely impressed with the kind, tender, loving, giving soul of this man towards his mom who suffers with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, as well as towards all of those who suffer with this horrific disease!



Charles Mattocks' work with this film is more of a movement that is bringing much needed awareness of this neurological pain disorder, changing how the world perceives chronic pain and those suffering from it!

Trial By Fire benefits all of us that live with chronic pain, even if you don't have CRPS. Educating the public about chronic pain disorders is the best way to help others understand the pandemic of chronic pain! We need to have a voice! This film is a huge voice for all of us!



Not only that, it is planting seeds of hope! Hope for sufferers to be understood, as well as hope for a much needed cure! Trial By Fire is shining light into a darkness that pain shadows over the hearts of sufferers all over the world! A darkness brought on by the many losses sufferers endure, as well as being misunderstood and misjudged by others due to the invisibility of the illness, the pain, isolation and disability it brings to sufferers lives.


This light is taking away some of the isolation brought on by the lack of knowledge of others that can't understand what it is like to be trapped in a body overwrought with 24/7 chronic pain, with no hope of ever being healed! It has brought together many who live the life of chronic pain and formed a community! If you have not had the opportunity to be a part of the community, please join the Facebook page,


Mr. Mattocks, thank you just does not seem to express the appreciation those of us feel towards the work you are doing for all of us suffering with chronic pain!

Helping to Bring Awareness of a Neurological Pain to the World

Helping to bring awareness of Trial By Fire to the world by sharing information and updates related to this film in social media is one major way we all can express our thanks and appreciation for all Charles Mattocks has done!

Charles Mattocks is the spokesperson for CRPS, however we need to stand up with him to help him as a community in order to have hope to obtain a cure for this horrid disease! Each and every one of us need to help spread the word of this amazing documentary, Trial by Fire, to educate the public and raise awareness!


A lot of information about Trial By Fire is being shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We need to share information we see on social media to do our part in raising awareness! Here are links to get you to this information:

Facebook at:

The Trial By Fire Movie Website

And on Twitter at: @CMattocks1

You can read about Charles Mattocks at his personal website Charles Mattocks.


A Go Fund Me page has been set up to support the making the film, the cost of movie festivals, as well as getting the film to the masses. 
PLEASE! Giving just a dollar can help! It all adds up! Please share the Go fund me page as well in social media! Remember, it takes all of us coming together to help make this a success!

The pages states:
"We want to thank all that have helped us get this far. The film is done and we are now submitting to scores of film festivals. We have been made official selections for 6 festivals in less then 3 weeks after completing the film. Our mission now is to win some awards for the film while we help market and get the word out on CRPS. Almost every film takes this same course as the film makers have to find a home or homes for the film. The festivals help gain attention for the film and bring distribution that will allow the film to be seen by millions around the world. We are still raising funds to help cover the cost of the festivals and submitting and other travel related cost to attend and promote. Now is the critical time that we can use this moment to truly get back on many major shows and promote this condition. Now is the time for print and new papers and scores of press. Once the film is out we wont be able to go back and get the word out so we are still working very hard each day to help this movement. We were just featured in Huffington Post and have many other great pieces coming on this disease. The world is now taking notice."

Trial by Fire Help Wanted-We need YOU!

April 26, 2016  

The Trial By Fire" a film based on Crps/rsd Facebook page post today stated: "Working on a release date for the film to be released online very soon. It will be streamed for 60 days and then we may work with a distribution company to make sure it gets seen worldwide. This is all not easy and takes a ton of work. Lots to do but we want to make sure the people see it and help spread the word. So once we release the date you can spread the word around the community with family and friends. Much love to all."

Also, it was posted:
We are looking for some leads or contacts. We would love to show the film in medical schools. If you know one of have a lead send our way.

Trial By Fire" a film based on Crps/rsd Facebook page posted:
Some have some good leads. I encourage to help us take the first step. You can reach out and send a name and contact. We don't have the man power to search and call. So if you have the time lets work together. Don't forget this is for all of you. It's a team effort and this could be powerful.

Recently, WFTS, ABC Action News in Tampa, Florida, an ABC affiliate, ran a segment on Charles Mattocks' documentary, "Trial by Fire," which has won two awards at the Hollywood Florida Film Festival!

View it by clicking on the link below! 

Local nephew of Reggae legend, Bob Marley, brings attention to painful condition through film


Then, PLEASE SHARE the link in social media to help spread the information regarding the documentary so we can help educate the public regarding Complex Regional Pain Syndrome! 

Watch this new trailer for Trial By Fire that showed up on Twitter for all to share! Trial By Fire (2016) 30 Second Trailer


Listen to Charles Mattocks tell about his work on his documentary, Trial By Fire about the horrid pain disease Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)!

Share it in social media please!


To find out more about the movie, visit the website:


This was the first of many festivals the Trial By Fire film will be shown! Please click on the link to the Hollywood Florida Film Festival to obtain tickets for Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 7:15 P.M. Come on down to show the world how amazing the supor tfor CRPS is! The website states:

Huffington Post Article about Trial By Fire Movie

A great article by Huffington Post about CRPS/RSD and the Thanks Bryan Cain-Jackson of Huffington Post for telling this story about CRPS/RSD! The chronic a pain community need people to be aware of this disease and the horrific pain it brings! For others to have knowledge and an understanding heart towards what horrid chronic pain is like to live with, 24/7 for the rest of ones life, is huge to those who suffer!