Friday, February 2, 2018

Your Healthcare Team - The Pharmacist


Your Healthcare Team -The Pharmacist

The American Chronic Pain Association and the American Pharmacists Association have put together this informative video about how we can benefit by including our pharmacist as a part of our pain management team!

Making sure we are safe with taking our medications is a major part of living with chronic pain! Many of us suffering with chronic pain are aware of how to utilize our medications safely, but there are still many of us that may be doing unsafe things without being aware of it. I, for one, didn't know that with one of my medications I am not suppose to drink grapefruit juice. It can increase the amount of medication my body absorbs and that is a potential health risk!

Image result for pharmacist CARE card imagesNobody took the time to explain this to me, not the physician that prescribed it originally, nor any after him that took over my care. I had asked different pharmacists about what I needed to be aware of with this medication and actually got different answers from each one! So I researched the medication more on the Internet, read the package enclosures again and finally found a pharmacist I trusted!

Being aware of when to take our medications, how to take them, what we need to know regarding foods and drinks you should avoid while taking certain medications,  how they interact with other medications, as well as how our medications interact with over-the-counter medications, are just a few of many factors our pharmacists can help educate us about.

Please take a few minutes to watch this educational video so you can better understand the impact pharmacists have on our health care!

Taking Care

 ACPA and APhA have come together in a spirit of collaboration to maximize our collective experience, knowledge, and expertise to help raise awareness and build meaningful partnerships between people with pain and the pharmacists that care for them.  In this video we will explore the benefits of having your pharmacist be part of your pain management treatment team. 

Download the CARE Card

Don't forget to click on the Download the CARE Card for a free form you can take to the pharmacist to receive easy directions for your medications. If you don't feel you need this, perhaps you know of someone that would!

Make sure your are keeping yourself safe by finding a pharmacist you can trust! Your health matters!


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