Saturday, January 9, 2016


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It brings me to tears that I was nominated for this contest and wanted to share that with all of you that come and visit my blog! I was just sharing with someone that my goal when I started this blog was to help just one person! To have my counter be up to 10,175 since April literally surprises me!

Being new to blogging, as well as to this life in pain, I did not expect to have the amount of visitors to this blog as I have received, nor the wonderful messages of how thankful people are as to what I share. Well, if you can call five years of 24/7 pain being new. To me, it is new, due to the fact that I am still learning how to live this life and all the new "normals" it brings. Thank you to whomever nominated me! It touches my heart more than I can say! I truly find sharing what I can to help others gives me a purpose to this life in pain!

Functional Living with Chronic Pain has been nominated in Healthline's Best Health Blogs Contest!
The purpose of this blog is to help encourage and educate others on the same journey by using skills she has learned in her career in occupational therapy, as well as what she is learning living with chronic pain.

She is to be commended for her work! So please bless her with your vote, and vote every day through January 21st! Thanks! Visit the blog at: http://functionallivingwithchronic...
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