Thursday, December 24, 2015

Message For Those Unable To Endure The Holidays


With all the suggestions given in this blog for those living in chronic pain, I cannot disregard the reality that there are numerous people living in moderate to severe uncontrolled chronic pain, as well as with the depression it causes, where no matter how much anyone suggests and encourages, our hearts and bodies just can’t endure festivities. Just making it through daily living is challenging enough!

 Living in chronic pain is a major life altering event that can shred apart everything we once had! For many of us, the Christmas season may increase the sense of so many losses, at it can bring out a deep grief that may not have been there previously, or is resurfacing. If you are finding yourself alone in this journey, know that there are many support groups on line, in your community, as well as available help with a pastor, doctor or behavior specialist, to give you encouragement, understanding, as well as skills to help you live this difficult life. Please seek the help they can offer! You don’t need to do this alone. Don’t suffer in silence!

Sadly, many do seek help from doctors and are not taken seriously, are undertreated or not treated at all and may isolate themselves, as well as turn to unsafe ways to self manage their pain! This is a serious problem!

Many of us have to go to multiple doctors to find someone who will treat us appropriately and respectfully. Pain is real! It has real consequences in our lives and many have a hard time dealing with it! Please seek help! It is out there! You are not alone!

Please seek help if you have thoughts of harming yourself. Thoughts of suicide are a real problem for many suffering with chronic pain.

For more information on understanding the losses and the grieving process chronic pain causes, please see these articles, A LOOK AT OUR LOSSES andTHE STAGES OF GRIEF, as well as the American Occupational Therapy Association, Tips for Beating the Blue

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