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As we know, our hearts desire to try to provide fun-filled festive gatherings with all those scrumptiously; delicious meals, baked goods and thoughtfully chosen gifts for our loved ones during the holidays can sometimes cause us additional physical pain, leaving us unable to fully enjoy the festivities.

Sadly, living with chronic pain, that is our reality, our new “normal.”  Yes, it is difficult for many of us to admit that we can no longer do what we use to and need to make changes in our lives. Is it worth it to try and “push through the pain“ to do what our hearts desires? For many of us the answer would be a resounding, YES! We’d do anything to provide the merriest holiday for our loved ones! And that is exactly what many of us have attempted.

Just remember, be good to yourself!  All any of us can do is our best. It is my hope that by implementing whatever simple, yet significant, suggestions I share in my articles and you choose, they will be beneficial to help you accomplish your goals and be able to endure the overwhelming activities of the holiday season, allowing you to spend cherished moments with loved ones.

If I were able to give you just one thing to help you through this life in chronic pain, I would give you hope!  If you search for it with an open heart, you can find it. God waits for us to ask Him for it. He offers not only hope, but faith, grace and salvation, and a future where there is no more pain and no more tears!

Start each day seeking Him and His purpose for your life, believing that you have something good to offer others! It is the small things that mean so much to others, such as giving words of encouragement to comfort others suffering with chronic pain! Just think about when someone says something encouraging to you! How does that make you feel? I know for me it truly warms my heart, gives me a sense of being understood, brings comfort and strength to carry on! 

Start each day expecting something good is about to happen and look for those moments, be it a sunrise, a flower blooming, a bird singing, stars shining in the sky, laughter, a giggle from a baby or listening to a cherished memory from an elderly friend or family member. Take these things, ponder on them and tuck them deep into your heart. These are just a few of the good things life is made of!  They can bring hope to our hearts and souls and burst forth with joy!  This is what we need to make it through each day in pain! We must have hope, as well as hearts that are open to the joy in small things, even through the deep, dark shadow of our pain.  We can have that! If we choose! That is my gift to you!

As time unfolds our lives with chronic pain, we will come to see hope as a stronghold for us in a world of numerous changes. Don’t question it; Grasp a hold of it and allow yourself to sense it in your heart.

While walking through this journey of chronic pain, we will find it brings to us many things - loss, confusion, anger, denial and depression. We are human and can’t negate that these are a part of grieving our old selves and all we lose to pain; however, as we grow through all this, we need to carry hope in our hearts and work towards finding peace and acceptance in it. It will come in time. If you seek it! No matter where you find yourself right now, know that each step has a purpose for you and you will grow to be a more empathetic person toward others you will come across in your life, especially others living with chronic pain.

May we find our way to be able to make the best of it, find a middle ground and be thankful; for there are many things to truly be thankful for.  We have many blessings God provides for us, even though we have to focus real hard at times when the pain overtakes us. But, the two can coexist! The small blessings become enormous when we are conscious to the fact that they leave our hearts feeling a sense of joy and happiness, leaving a smile on our face and in our eyes. We are left with the hope of the possibility that all will be okay, no matter what.

This blog is for all of us with chronic pain! Do you have a favorite topic on chronic pain, documentary, book, video or even a blog to share you'd like me to cover in this blog? I'd love to hear about it! Share in the comments below.

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