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With concerns over the excessive activities among the upcoming holiday season, and how it all affects those of us struggling with chronic pain, I started back at the end of September writing the series of articles, Preparing for the Holidays with Chronic Pain, for this blog.

The purpose was to give specific suggestions and ideas to help make the strenuous activities simpler and more tolerable, ultimately decreasing the stress on us and helping us to be able to reduce the chances of increased pain flares, thus hopefully allowing us to spend cherished time with family and friends.

As a result of all the information in these articles, which ended up becoming rather lengthy due to the multiple topics covered, I decided to step into a new area that I never expected.  I took these blog articles, polished them up, expanded on them and wrote a series of eBooks called, Preparing for the Holidays with Chronic Pain, 1, 2 & 3. These are now available as eBooks at

This series of books, Preparing for the Holidays with Chronic Pain, takes a glance at the holidays through the heart of a person living with chronic pain. Each book provides suggestions chronic pain sufferers can put into practice to hopefully give the greatest opportunity to avoid pain flares, allowing enjoyment of much cherished time with loved ones.

Book one, Preparing for the Holidays with Chronic Pain, provides suggestions for simple ideas to decrease stress, getting organized, choices we might want to consider, making changes we may need, as well as dealing with people that can’t understand our journey.

Preparing for the Holidays with Chronic Pain - 2, suggestions are given for ways to simplify gifting, making shopping easier, no-fuss decorating ideas, easy meal ideas for simple entertaining, tips for baking and making goodies, as well as short-cuts for holiday cleaning. And then we finish off with suggestions for putting into place ways to hopefully enable us to attend social occasions, make them as physically endurable as possible, how to handle cancelling, as well as those who don’t understand chronic pain and how it affects our lives.

Book three in the series, Preparing for the Holidays with Chronic Pain - 3, provides tips for making cooking and baking more tolerable for those with chronic pain, as well as provides low-fuss delicious family favorite recipes for appetizers, breakfasts, soups and salads, main dishes, breads and desserts. They are minimal in ingredients and low in effort required to put together. Although any kind of cooking can be physically overwhelming when dealing with chronic pain, these are recipes that give us the most excellent results for the time and energy expended!

I hope that if you decide to make use of any of the tips and suggestions, as well as any of the recipes in these books that you will let me know how it went for you! And I truly hope that you are blessed with faith, hope and love in your heart this Christmas season!  May you be able to find the true meaning of Christmas to be a joyous occasion to celebrate even though you are dealing with the horrendous effects of chronic pain!

As always, please help others on this same journey as we are, by sharing any information you find that helps make your life with chronic pain easier!

This blog is for all of us with chronic pain to help learn how to live our new "normal"! Do you have a favorite topic on chronic pain, documentary, book, video or even a blog to share you'd like me to cover in this blog? I'd love to hear about it! Share in the comments below.

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