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In the previous blog post (PART 1) we looked at the stages of cleaning for those with chronic pain, the stress, embarrassment, humiliation and the physical intolerance we endure. We discussed that to not have the ability to do what it takes to achieve what we would like, leaves us struggling, not just physically, but emotionally as well. We want to find contentment in having things look nice and orderly! 

In order to make things more doable for myself, I try to incorporate, as able, some time management, work simplifications, energy conservation and joint protections techniques taught by occupational therapists. There are many suggestions and ideas to look at, so I will cover these in several post due to the length of each post.

The first thing I will share is how I break down weekly cleaning into several days, as able. (Everything recommended is of course given with the “as able” clause, because many of our days just don’t go as planned and we can only do as we are able! 

Set Yourself a Schedule!
Breaking our weekly activities down into daily tasks is the first of many tips.  When I was a little girl my mom had a day for each task, laundry day, cleaning day, ironing day and shopping day.
Image result for scheduleFor those of us suffering with chronic pain we have to break it down into even smaller activities to make things doable. It may seem pretty simplified, however, as you well know, that is exactly what is needed!  Otherwise, it becomes overwhelming and leaves us wanting to give up before we even get started!

Setting a Weekly Schedule
This is part of a schedule I try to maintain: Monday - Pick up clutter around the house and putting where it belongs. I try to do this a bit every day.  (I do ask hubby to pick up his stuff and help)

Tuesday - Laundry washed. Dusting (not every week)

Wednesday - Laundry folded and put away. Wednesday evening – I go grocery shopping with hubby if I am able, if not he goes alone.

Thursday - Bathrooms-sanitize counter tops, tubs/showers and toilets

Friday - water plants, make phone calls (weekly) and do bills (once a month) I even do a bit of laundry. I hang what needs hanging and the rest sits in the laundry basket until I fold it the following week.

Vacuum – iRobot “Rosie” does this, or hubby does. Wash floors, usually once a month. I am physically incapable of vacuuming or washing the floors. It leaves me in bed for 3-4 days due to the nerve damage and other spine issues.

Image result for irobot on floor pic
You might consider incorporating a weekly schedule. Hopefully, if you don’t already do this, it will give some sense of how to go about making a big job into smaller jobs and be more tolerable physically, leading to giving us a sense of well-being and accomplishment. I know that this is not doable for many, but it can be for some.

I found these online for you to look at. Click on the titles if you want one.


You might consider filling it out with pencil so you can change it as you want as you figure out what is best. 

More tips to be provided in the next blog post!


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  2. Abhijeet Bhosale,Thank you for letting me know you thought that was a great post with interesting points and that you enjoyed it! I am thankful that you visited my blog and left me a message! Blessings to you!


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